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The Wedding Gazebo is shown below:

The Wedding Gazebo is a grand empty canvas for your dream outdoor wedding! With a simple yet striking gazebo framing the couple there is also a large flat floored area for chairs for up to 200 guests. The white wood that makes up the floor, railings, and gazebo allow for both modest and extravagant decorations to tailor your wedding vision to your desires. The wedding reception area (Pavilion #1) is adjacently located, has 15-20 picnic tables for seating, an area to serve refreshments, as well as space for a dance floor. With both water and electricity at the pavilion, there is no limit to the decoration and lighting options you will have! Below are some examples of how others have chosen to decorate.

The Lake Gazebo is shown below:

The Lake Gazebo has an exquisite view of the large lake at the top of the mountain. The stone backdrop to the gazebo is great for pictures and creates a unique ambience for the wedding party. The simple gazebo lends well to decoration by fabric, lights, and/or flowers. With large flat areas for seating, you can design your own layout for how the guests will sit. After the wedding, the reception area (Pavilion #1) is a great place to host a reception with 15-20 picnic tables, space for a dance floor, an area to serve food/drinks and electricity for lighting and other decorations. Below are some pictures of how others have chosen to set up as well as the view from the gazebo.

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