GPX File DownloadClick the button to the left to download the GPX file for your GPS system. This file includes the complete trail system with relavant topographic information.

*NOTE: For information on how to load the GPX file into your GPS system, please refer to your GPS owner’s manual. For specific questions pertaining to the GPX file or trail map, please visit CartoTracks.

In addition to the off-roading maps (information below), this printable map also includes the locations of the tent camping area, bunkhouses, pavilions, lakes, office, paved road access, and bathhouses.

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    Park Map
Easy: Can be travelled in 2wd under most conditions. Rain or snow may make 4wd necessary. Most stock vehicles with minimum 31″ all terrain tires with open differentials con negotiate. No lockers or winches necessary.

Moderate: 33″+ aggressive tires, locking differentials, winch, and roll cage recommended. Both mechanical and body damage are possible.

Difficult: There are the toughest trails that Golden Mountain Park has to offer. Mechanical and body damage are both real possibilities. Large, aggressive tires (36″+), locking differentials, winch, roll cage, and skid plates are strongly suggested.

The risk of damage as well as the difficulty ratings of the trails both increase drastically in the event of rain due to the high clay content of the soil at Golden Mountain Park.
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    You can also download a PDF version of our park map below.
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    Download a copy of the park cheat sheet (important phone numbers/addresses)
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