The park has :

8 RV hookups, 11 campsites, 6 bunkhouse rooms, and 6 pavilions great for camping and/or group activities!

8 RV Hook-ups. The RV sites are located on top of the mountain close to the large pavilion, campsites, playground, and bathhouse. The bathhouse is ~1/2 mile away and includes 4 showers (2 men/2 women) as well as separate toilets. The hook-ups include both water and power (30 and 50 amps) as well as access to a centrally located sewage station (own hose is required). Great location for access to off roading trails, the pavilions, and the large lake. Click here for more information.

11 Campsites. The campsites are also located at the top of the mountain, tucked away behind the RV hook-ups and parking lot, about a hundred yards from the large pavilion off the main road. The tent-camping lots come with a stationary grill and a metal or brick fire pit. The area has natural protection from the elements with great overhead tree coverage. Each tent site is flat, well-marked, and has road access. The bathhouse is less than half a mile from the campsites and included both men and women’s toilets and showers. Click here for more information.

6 Bunkhouse Rooms. The bunkhouse is located near the entrance of the park for greater access and parking. The upstairs has 4 rooms with queen-and-twin bunk, fridge, private bathroom, microwave, closet, and coffee maker (with coffee included). The downstairs has one large room with a queen bed in addition to the queen-and-twin bunk. There is also a large storage/entertainment room downstairs. Bunks 1 and 2 have additional trundle beds and bunk 3 has a tub instead of a shower. Internet is available in and around the bunkhouse. Click here for more information.

6 Pavilions. The pavilions are located around the park at the top of the mountain. While some are more secluded and others are more centrally located, they all have road access. The large pavilion (#1) has water and electricity as well as 15-20 picnic tables and is located right next to the large lake. This pavilion can accommodate 150-200 people easily. Pavilions 2-6 range from $85-40/day. Pavilion #2 has power. Pavilion #3 has a more open layout and is the closest to the back lake. Pavilions #4-6 do not have power or water. No camping beside a pavilion is available unless you rent the pavilion. Click here for more information.

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